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Borealis is Moving!

After talking it over with the Officers and Raiders we have unanimously decided that this will officially be our last week on Lightninghoof.  As of next week, you can find us on Zul'jin where we will be rebuilding our raid and looking ahead to Mists of Pandaria.  As a server, Zul'jin is well populated with a nearly even Horde:Alliance split, excellent Horde raiding and a top rated Horde PvP Battlegroup.

It was my goal to stick it out on Lightninghoof and make it work, but the reality I'm faced with is that I can't stop the decline of a server and at some point I will have to pick up and rebuild on another server anyway.  So while we're back to recruiting it seems there's no time like the present to salvage what's left of the expansion (and the game) and head to a server that's still thriving.

For those of you who are purely social members of the guild, I apologize for the turmoil that this is going to cause.  When the guild transfer is complete, those of you who stay on Lightninghoof will still be members of Borealis but it will revert to a level 1 guild with a new Guild Master.  That said, we have made some really awesome new friends and I really sincerely hope some of you will come to Zul'jin with us.  If you're new to the game, I think you'll be amazed at how much more fun it is to be on a competitive server.  If you've been playing the game since Vanilla, like myself, I think you'll find it refreshing to see that the game we love is still alive and well other places.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me mail here or in game, or whisper me in game.  I want to thank my Raiders and Officers for their support and trust in this huge decision, and thank you to all you Members for bringing this guild back to life over the past few months.


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